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  1. Dura Flow

    Nitrile/PVC through-the-weave rubber covered construction
    UL Listed
    NFPA compliant attack hose
    Heat resistant
    Chemical resistant
    Maintenance free
    Raised thick rib construction to aid abrasion resistance

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  2. Combat Ready

    Unmatched kink resistance
    High flow capabilities/more GPM
    Reduced friction loss
    Superior heat resistance
    Rugged durability
    Double dip “Key-Lok” process standard
    Designed for low pressure high volume nozzles
    1 year wear/tear
    10 year warranty

  3. Magnum Lite

    Nylon 6.6 Double Jacket
    Special reverse twill construction to reduce friction loss
    100% mildew resistant
    Superior kink resistance
    Lightweight construction
    Design your own tube specification
    Thin wall high tensile EPDM rubber-liner or polyurethane liner

  4. Key Lite

    100% synthetic all polyester double jacket
    100% mildew resistant
    Polyurethane liner
    Liner NSF-61 compliance
    Attack hose designed for Hi-Rise applications
    Special reverse twill construction to reduce friction loss by 50%
    5 year warranty against delamination of liner

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